Get to Know Korea’s Smile Maestro: Dr. Ben Lee Jung Yeol

From Lee Jung Yeol to Ben: A Dentist’s Journey

When it comes to making Korea smile, no one does it better than Dr. Lee Jung Yeol, or as his patients and friends call him, Ben. “Hello, My name is Lee Jung Yeol, but you can comfortably call me Ben,” he introduces himself with a warm grin. The nickname has an interesting backstory. “In middle school, my native English teacher suggested Ben as the best name for me, and it stuck ever since.”

Transforming Lives One Smile at a Time

Dr. Ben isn’t just any dentist; he’s a miracle worker. One of his most rewarding cases involved a woman in her 60s. “She had no healthy teeth and slight Parkinson’s disease. Through dental implants, we restored her ability to eat and improved her relationships. Astonishingly, her Parkinson’s symptoms also improved,” he shares. It’s stories like these that highlight Dr. Ben’s profound impact on his patients’ lives.

Balancing Dental Mastery and Gym Enthusiasm

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial for Dr. Ben. Balancing a demanding career with fitness requires dedication and a can-do attitude. “I start treatments at 9 a.m., finish by 6 p.m., and workout with a personal trainer during my lunch break. After work, it’s off to the boxing gym and then the golf practice range,” he explains. His advice? “Don’t just blame your environment. Persist and adapt.”

Fitness Tips from Dr. Ben’s Playbook

Dr. Ben is known for his fit physique and strong abs. “I always work out with my personal trainer. As a dentist, I often work in upright positions, so I focus on exercises that minimize neck and back strain while strengthening those areas,” he advises.

The Secret Behind Ben’s Bright Smile

Dr. Ben’s own smile is as attractive as those he creates for his patients. His secret? “Back to basics! Brush your teeth immediately after eating and have regular dental check-ups,” he stresses. He also has a playful warning about a current trend: “Tanghulu, the sweet fruit snack, is just making dentists richer. Avoid it if you can!”

Redefining Beauty Standards in Dentistry

Korean beauty standards are constantly evolving, and Dr. Ben is always up to date. “The beauty ideals of the 80s and 90s differ from today’s K-pop standards. I strive to keep up with these trends through continuous learning and research,” he explains. His dedication ensures that his practice meets the current beauty expectations while promoting overall dental health.

Dr. Ben Lee Jung Yeol is more than just a dentist; he’s a lifestyle guru who balances a busy career with a commitment to fitness and health. His passion for creating beautiful smiles and his energetic approach to life make him a standout figure in the world of dentistry and beyond.


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