Johorean and was living in Korea for more than 5 years starting in 2012. Before being a KPOP IDOL in Korea, he was an established TV Host in ASTRO and BJ for online and TV shows. The Malaysian Entertainment industries have known him as an emcee, actor, journalist, and producer. Have experience work in a publishing company such as NSTP, Berita Publishing, and BLU INC as a journalist, producer, and designer. Still active as a KPOP singer in Korea & Malaysia, recently he was chosen become National Director for International Supermodel Competition represent Korea & Malaysia.

He is a Korean Culture, Korean Entertainment, and Korea Cosmetic & Beauty expert in Malaysia. Active as a Korean teacher and consultant for a few singers in Malaysia. Managing and develop lots of Korean talent for the South East Asia Market such as Jang Han Byul the winner of BIG STAGE 2019. Prove can speak Korean, English, and Malay, he was the first Malaysian into KPOP Entertainment Industries. 

Have appeared in a few Korean Show and news on KBS2, EBS TV, and Arirang Radio.  Good connecter with TOP Korean celebrities because he is a friend of them. His achievement was a Champion in two Dance Competition in Korea and is the only one foreigner as a contestant. He Awarded in Korea as the Best and Inspired KPOP trainee in MNET ACADEMY KOREA 2013. He also a gateway ambassador for Korea & Malaysia starting 2016 until now.


Korean-born guy and had a lot of curiosity since Kid. Very friendly, helpful, and get along with a friend.  Grownup as mom boy. Very hard work and running for goal life. Speak in Korean and English, he challenges himself to become more aggressive to full fill dream. He also into fitness and the gym. Really expert about Korean Beauty and travel. Get a high ranking in a body fitness competition and training a few people to become masculine.


Korean were born in Taiwan and raised in Thailand. Major in 3 languages, Korean, English, and Thailand, Chang Ha Rin love to dance as a hobby and is now based in Thailand. Love to learn new languages, culture, and travel. Have acting experience in high school, like on stage, and have been in the singing contest. Spend good times go Karaoke in Korea including watching horror, thriller, action, cartoons, romantic comedy, and comedy. Good passion for writing and very creative because love to draw since childhood. Was working in a hotel as a club attendant, she also knows basic some Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Russian language and culture and expert in face painting.


An accidental turned passionate Korean entertainment scene enthusiast. Sis K-Poh was previously a hard-core publishing head with a big well-known magazine company in Malaysia. She spearheaded the first international magazine brand in Bahasa for six years and another European brand for 3 years before joining a local publisher as Managing Editor. Her vast experience in local entertainment was when she was attached to the local daily entertainment desk before going into the magazine world.

Her accidental embrace with Korean drama started when she had nothing to watch on tv and saw Summer Scent shown on local tv but translated into Chinese. A few years after she got to know about Secret Garden and was obsessed with Hyun Bin but it was hard to stream current drama back then. This has made her Korean journey much more intense with the help of a cousin who is a Super Junior fan and a colleague who was into 2PM.

They both played a big role in her new “K” journey. Sis K-Poh started to explore the Korean entertainment scene by watching as much drama as she can and understanding the K-pop world which was much more thrilling. Trips to Korea over the years have definitely given her love for everything “K” much more rewarding. These days Sis K-poh is still very much into the Korean scene on selected dramas and tv shows. She is an ardent fan of Highlight and particularly adores Yoon Dujun, leader of the group.


Contributor writers from all over the world especially South East Asia Countries. Creating creative content based on facts and rumors trending and viral in social media.

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