10 Reason Why Many Young Korean Get Depression! Hope you not one of them…

Not only Korean Celebrities, many normal Korean people also having problem and get health mental issue especially younger generation. Main reason for this issue raises up coming from various party.

After knowing the reason, Korean are very sensitive when someone telling about tension, die and cry. They will become more worried and concern. To answer why Korean easy, get effected from depression or others mental issue, Korea Buzz list top 10 reason of depression, panic attack and more in Korea. These share to make you alert and beware if you have this symptom too.

1. Received Bad comments in social media

2. Covid-19 Pandemic

3. Employment pressure and overloaded work

4. From family history background and lifestyle

5. Relationship Couple problem

6. Loans

7. Relative Poverty

8. Friendship and environment

9. resignation from office

10. Bad economy

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