Shall we eat together? BLACKPINK’s Melted Fans Heart With Fav Yogurt flavor

BLACKPINK melted the fans’ hearts with their cute daily lives. At the same time, it stimulated the salivary glands and stimulated the appetite, and the menu is ‘Yogurt’. They posted a picture of their own yogurt on Instagram, creating a happy smile from BLINKs.

ROSE stopped BLACKPINK’s yogurt party start. He spread the delicious combination of ingredients to the members, creating an untimely yogurt trend, and Jenny, Lisa, and Jisoo joined the group. What’s the best combination of yogurt flavour that all four members fell in love with?

“Fruit is base!”

A drop of ‘fresh’ is needed for a sour yogurt. If the refreshing and lively taste and moisture are added, a yogurt that is perfect to eat will be created. This wonderful taste is made by ‘fruit’. Kiwi, apple, banana, peach, fig, pineapple, anything is okay. Fruits and yogurt boast the best combination of combinations that are less likely to fail.

Crispy hidden in tenderness

Granola, baked by mixing grains, dried fruits, and nuts with honey or oil, is a yogurt topping that doubles the chewing taste. Crispy texture is addictive. It also adds savoury scents to the fun of eating! If you want to focus more on the sweet taste, why don’t we put some cereal, corn frost, and chex chocolate? The combination of sweet and salty flavours in your mouth will make you delete a bowl of yogurt.

It’s a good ending!

You should sprinkle honey on top of the yogurt that is clumped together with fruits, granola, etc. He is talented in attracting even the palate that does not have the unique sweet scent of honey. Furthermore, it neutralizes the sour taste of yogurt. If you’re out of honey, I recommend dropping a spoonful of jam in the fridge. Sweet and sour fruit jam also goes well with sour yogurt.

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