Dating Korean Guys? 10 Fact You Must Know Before Date With Korean Men

International ladies now a day interested to date Korean guy because the impact of Korean Drama. But, is it true, all Korean man behavior same or it just a fantasy story? Special for Korea Buzz loyal reader, here the actual fact about Oppa or Korean guy you need to be prepared for. This information base on experience for Korean ladies. Take it or not, not all Korean men are same because everybody has their own way to appreciate their lover.

  1. Splitting the bill
    When the guy buys you dinner and the girl will buy coffee.
  2. Couple stuff
    When they have 100th days day will give you couple rings and other matching stuff.
  3. Celebrating 100 days
    Celebrating anniversary days like 100,200,300,500and 1000days.
  4. Carrying bags
    They like to hold the girls’ bags to care about them especially when they went to toilet.
  5. Less Sleepovers
    Because most guys are Mama’s boy.
  6. Curfew
    Because of strict parents.
  7. Hanging outside
    They like to go outside to watch scenery.
  8. Parents might break you up (strict parent)
    Like in Korean dramas they tend to do it because they don’t like the person.
  9. No kissing in public
    Showing affection in public is one of the things that some people wouldn’t do in Korea because it is very traditional.
  10. Lots of meetings like seon for marriage
    You can either be introduced by a friend or by your parents or you can go on group blind dates. The choice is yours.

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