1st Snow In Korea, 10 Korean feelings await the moment of the downing of Snow!

On December 13, 2020, scattered photos and videos featuring the downing of Snow in Korea on social media. It was uploaded by Korean netizens including popular celebrities such as KPOP Idol and actors.

Interestingly, some even recorded it like music videos and scenes in Korean dramas. However, not many know, the true feeling behind it came down the first snow in Seoul for Koreans.

Although every year South Korea is definitely down the snowy, many await and want to be witnesses to see the first snow in the winter season. Special for KOREA BUZZ readers, here’s their feelings and hopes for the first snow.

Photo by Ruice.

1. Excited (feels like First love)

2. It was so funny! (Thinking about the best moment through the year)

3. Look so beautiful

4. So sad… we can’t go out and play because of Covid19

5. long-time no see first snow!

6. Snow makes weird feel

7. It’s so cold~!!

8. Feel so happy~

9. Pray the Corona is over.

10. thank you for my life

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