Practice Healthy Living In Many Way, This Cost of Health In Korea Amazing

Is it true that the Koreans are all slim and fit? What is their secret? This is the question that the international community often asks about the appearance of Koreans. 

Indeed, this real answer is still uncertain. However, the cost of health in Korea becomes one of the factors they all practice healthy living in a variety of ways. 

Healthcare Costs South Korea has an excellent public healthcare system. Everyone must pay into the scheme. The amount you pay each month will be dependent on your gross salary. On average, you can expect to pay about 30% of your salary per month towards the National Health Insurance (NHI). 

On a national level, this is about 120,000 KRW (100 USD) per month. In return, the NHI will pay about 50-80% of your medical costs. If you opt for private health insurance, it will run about the same amount per month as the public health insurance scheme: 114,000 KRW (100 USD). 

Although not as widely used as the country’s public health insurance, many Korean residents opt for private insurance to supplement the costs that public insurance does not cover.

Besides this factor, many factors also convince Koreans to survive healthily regardless of age. Want to know what those factors are? 

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