Korean Police Officer Make Sexual Harassment In Hotel Room Busan!

A police official at the Busan Metropolitan Police Agency asked a female employee to eat food together in a room at a hotel but was arrested for scuffling with the employee when he was asked to leave.

The Busan Nambu Police Station said on the 10th that it has booked a superintendent of the Busan Metropolitan Police Agency for causing a disturbance by pushing an employee’s arm at a hotel and is investigating.

The superintendent was arrested at 10:45 p.m. on the 9th on charges of assault and other charges while having a scuffle with an employee in the lobby of a hotel in Suyeong-gu, Busan.

According to the hotel, Superintendent was informed by a female employee at the desk about whether she could eat in the hotel and suddenly asked her to “eat chicken” in the room.

It is said that the police officer even made sexual harassment remarks to a female employee.

A female employee, who felt sexual shame, informed her fellow male employee of the fact, and when the male employee asked her to leave the room, she refused and had a scuffle.

According to the closed-circuit (CC) TV released by the hotel, the police officer strongly pushes the employee several times.

There is also a scene where the police officer points to CCTV and seems to fall intentionally even though there was no contact.

He also made threatening remarks, saying, “You’re in trouble now.”

Police officers reportedly came into the hotel without wearing a mask properly and received a warning from the hotel once.

The police officer did not identify the police officer at the time.

After dismissing the Busan Metropolitan Police Agency superintendent, the criminal department of the police station in-charge will thoroughly investigate the additional charges and take strict measures.

Busan police have issued a special alert to establish discipline in public offices since the 1st of this month and have been conducting high-intensity inspections for two weeks after police officers recently caused controversy over drunk driving, theft, and gambling.

On the 9th, the head of the Busan Metropolitan Police Agency even campaigned for discipline in the public office along with the leadership and workplace council at the entrance of the first floor of the building, but the incident occurred less than a day later.

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