Wanted celebrate Chuseok? Don’t Miss Out The Reason Why Korean Love Chuseok !

Every country has different ways of life and culture. The same goes for the differences between the festivals and celebration. In Korea, every year, all Koreans are excited and can’t wait for the CHUSEOK celebration. CHUSEOK are knowns as Korean Thanksgiving Day. However, do you know why Koreans must celebrate CHUSEOK? For the year 2020, CHUSEOK will be celebrated on October 1, 2020. Let’s stop by reason why Koreans are excited to celebrate CHUSEOK. Do you feel the same way?

KPOP IDOL wearing Hanbok on Chuseok Day!

1. Meet parent and family

2. Talking about the life and health

3. Drink and got a drunk together

4. Tour together

5.  Joining Religious event (Pray to ancestors.)

6. Visiting relatives home

7. Gift exchange

8. Eat Chuseok food

9. Pay one’s respects at the grave

10. Office workers’ leave

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