Want Continue Degree In Law, Syaqer Will make Donation For homeless If Become Winner AWSM!

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Experience in acting is not a guarantee for Muse 10, Syaqer to be the champion. However, the opportunity presented as a replacement participant kept Syaqer moving forward. Far from his heart, however, there are virtues that many do not know. Find out everything in Syaqer’s confession as the front page model of the January 2022 edition of Korea Buzz.

1) What do you think of Paul An AWS Korea?
He is very talented and sporting with everyone.

2) Who do you think should be eliminated?

For me, there is no one to eliminate because all the contestants are very talented and can go for the better.

3) Who do you think will win this competition?

I think the one who’s going to win this competition is Dave, it’s because he has a nice body shape and has a good face.

4)What do Malaysian guys think when Malaysian girls like Korean guys more?

 For me maybe Malaysian girls are more interested in the appearance of Korean men and their lifestyles. This is because it very attractive lifestyle makes Malaysian women more interested in Korean men than in the country. Fashion outfits also played a role to captivate women’s views.

5) What is your opinion on male models who are always judged as LGBT?

 Every human view varies. They are more externally assessed than in a person’s interior. this makes it easy for them to judge someone by looking at the lifestyle of the male model. Maybe they’re already mindset that male models are all going to be gay, but they don’t know the model is a career and an interest in someone who can make a person more confident when confronted by the public.

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