Evan Shares three heartfelt wishes

Sung Chi Hyun or Evan, the distinguished casino dealer and cast member of “Physical 100,” graciously introduces himself to the esteemed readers of Korea Buzz. A warm greeting from him to all the readers.

Regarding Netflix’s enthralling TV program, “Physical 100,” Sung Chi Hyun reflects on it as an exceptional memory. During the shoot, he encountered a significant knee injury, leading to surgery. Despite the challenges, he appreciates the experience as a profound learning opportunity, making it a truly remarkable journey.

When asked about his best physical feature, Sung Chi Hyun proudly mentions his broad shoulders. These shoulders have been a source of admiration since his younger days, earning him continuous praise, making it an attribute he cherishes.

Envisioning a scenario with Genie, Sung Chi Hyun shares three heartfelt wishes. First and foremost, he desires the health and happiness of all his family members. Additionally, he envisions himself as being prosperous and achieving worldwide athletic prominence.

Being a bodybuilder comes with its own set of trials. Sung Chi Hyun emphasizes the arduous task of managing workouts alongside professional responsibilities and a strict diet. The constant presence of company dinners complicates his dietary regime, proving to be a formidable challenge.

Discussing the challenges of diet and training, Sung Chi Hyun identifies company dinners and social events as recurring hurdles to avoiding unhealthy choices, particularly when alcohol is involved. However, he emphasizes that his commitment to his profession helps him maintain a disciplined lifestyle.

For those aspiring to lose weight, Sung Chi Hyun recommends a 10-minute lower-body exercise routine before weight training, promoting efficient calorie consumption.

In his leisure time, Sung Chi Hyun finds delight in traveling and engaging in exhilarating sports like basketball, ice hockey, wakeboarding, and camping, revealing a passion for adventure.

Elucidating on his journey as a bodybuilder, Sung Chi Hyun attributes it to his desire for fresh challenges and self-improvement. Participating in a competition for the first time led to a triumphant victory, encouraging him to push the boundaries of his physical capabilities continually.

Sung Chi Hyun’s ideal age for marriage is 38, revealing his thoughtful approach to his personal life.

Regarding BLACKPINK’s immense popularity in Southeast Asia, Sung Chi Hyun appreciates the group but refrains from specifying an ideal type, maintaining an air of mystery.

Addressing the intriguing butterfly-themed Instagram post, it was conceived at Projac Affix Studio, with the concept suggested by the writer, adding an artistic touch to his online presence.

Discussing the mandatory army service in Korea, Sung Chi Hyun holds that all Korean men should fulfill their duty to the nation honestly. He acknowledges his personal exemption due to a cruciate ligament injury but expresses gratitude for the opportunity to have served his country for two years.

This thoughtful and candid conversation with Sung Chi Hyun has granted a glimpse into the multi-faceted life of this casino dealer and “Physical 100” cast member, captivating the audience with his reflections and aspirations.


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