Korean Guys Are Perfect, Jeeks Reveal Kryz Has Bad Attitude & Believe Can Win AWSM Malaysia 21/22!

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1. What do you think of Paul An AWS Korea?
For me, I think he deserves to win because he already has all the criteria the judge wants. for example, physically, he has a very nice body including his face very perfect as a model. The most important thing I heard about him is that he is a punctual person, which means he has a very good attitude.

2. Who do you think should be eliminated?
OMG, should I answer this question hehe, okay in my opinion, who should be eliminated from this competition is Kryz because what I see is he has a bad attitude, for example, he is not on time and always comes late for class? but I also see that he has the determination to win, for example, he always does well in every task given and is very good with everyone.

3. Who do you think will win this competition?
I think everyone has their own efforts and commitments. And everyone has their own strengths. unless the attitude is not good in us that makes others or judges do not like. I believe that I will win this competition. because now I do my best to complete every task and challenge given, as well as attend every class on Saturdays.

4. What do Malaysian guys think when Malaysian girls like Korean guys more?
For me, it is a normal thing, maybe their interest is just an idol because what we know is Korean guys are good-looking and perfect. And maybe they like Korean guys because of the interesting KPOP songs, I also like Korean songs sometimes.

5. What is your opinion on male models who are always judged as LGBT?
For me, LGBT is the choice of the person making his right to make himself happy and maybe true that way he gets satisfaction for himself. At the same time, he is being himself and not being a fake to everyone. so we have no right to judge the lives of others without knowing their background story. And we must also respect the lifestyle of others and must be open-minded.

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