Damned Because Kimchi, Dr Yoo Declare BTS is Korean Pride & Share Biases In BTS

Despite his handsome face and cheerfulness, many people do not know that this handsome doctor has a bad memory of when he grew up as a Korean in a foreign country. However, it did not break the spirit for him to become the pride of his family and Korea. Therefore, John Yoo continues to rise even though he is not yet 30 years old.

 “Before K-pop and Korean wave, not many of my non-Asian friends growing up knew much about Korean culture. I grew up in a non-Asian neighbourhood in America, so I was embarrassed as a child to open up my lunchbox with kimchi or kimbap. 

“Nowadays and after high school, it became so different as I began to embrace more of my cultural roots. I am very proud of my Korean American background and I love that so many of my American friends are interested in learning more about other cultures. 

“My favorite memory is always singing in front of strangers who ask me if I can sing because I am Korean. I say no, I cannot, and then I sing my favorite Korean songs,” said Yoo in a romantic tone. 

Not denying that he is one of the biggest KPOP fans, John is also good at singing shares interesting stories about KPOP Worldwide Star, BTS. 

In fact, he even managed to reveal something extraordinary about these 7 young handsome guys, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, J-Hope, RM, V, and Suga from Korea in the western countries.

“BTS is the pride of Korea and is now beloved over the world. They have helped revolutionize what it means to be savvy, fashionable, dandy, and masculine.

 “ I am a big supporter of BTS. They each have a unique set of talents and personalities that make it fun to watch them interact with one another. Jungkook, Suga, RM, and Jimin are my biases,” admitted John. 

Stay tuned with romantic doctor because he will be revealing more hot story regarding BTS and others.

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