Joon Share Trendy Icon Plus A Way Korean Guys Make Their Charms Come Alive!

After revealing the more stylish KPOP group between BTS and BLACKPINK, Joon now appears bold by using social media to explain the confusion and accusations that are often thrown at Korean men.

He did not want to be angry or upset, instead he wanted the public to know that the accusations against Korean men were miss understanding. In fact, it can be categorized as an accusation made only because it is based on externalities without knowing who the Korean man is.

In addition, Joon who is still struggling as a fashion student gives his own view of the figures that are more inspiring in the fashion world. KPOP Idol or Korean actor?

“Idols and actors both have a lot of influence, but I think there is a slight difference. In the case of idols, if they are most effectively presenting the latest trends or new trends, they show daily stylists or Outlooks that are more routinely established in the video, making it easier for the public to access them,” explain Joon.

Considering that Korean men now find it easier to attract women not only in Korea but all over the world, Joon who also known in Tiktok as Zero Joon is still humble explains the situation now. Are Korean men proud or taking this opportunity in a negative direction?

More exclusively, Joon also shared among the reasons why Korean men change from cute faces to handsome and sexy.

“ I think actors and idols have always been trendy. However, in the past, there was a strong impression that men were ashamed to dress up, but recently, I started to be interested in makeup and fashion, and I had the confidence to decorate myself with confidence,” told Joon or his real name Son Young Jun, 25.

Reinforcing the explanation in this transformation question, Joon also revealed the names of Korean male celebrities that are appropriate and can be considered icons or symbols to the real handsomeness of Korean men.

“We have different charms, but we know how to make our own charms come alive, so we’re taking care of ourselves.

“Icon? I personally thinks Park Bo-gum, Park Seo-joon, Cha Eun-woo, Song Joong-ki, Kim Soo-hyun, Yoo Seung-ho, Seo Kang-joon, Jung Hae-in and Ro Woon the best figure for this symbolic,” say Joon.

If you want more interesting stories about the world of Korean men and fashion, do not miss the opportunity to read Joon’s thoughtful views in the next entry.

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