Clarify Relationship With Putra Paul, Ju Young Don’t Want To Get Married Yet!

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Opening 2023, Korea Buzz has chosen a model and actor from Korea as the front face magazine for January 2023 edition. However, for Korea Buzz readers, Ju Young’s face is familiar as he was once drawn as one of the candidates for the Altitude World Supermodel Korea 2021 competition. Let’s catch up with Ju Young, who he knows by the name Roger before.


KB: Can you introduce yourself to the readers of Korea Buzz?

JY: Hello, I’m Ha Joo Young, a model in Korea. It’s nice to say hello like this.

KB: How do you feel about winning the Man Hot Star International title last year?

JY: I  didn’t expect to win a prize because there were many prominent candidates, but I think I was lucky. It was a great experience and a special experience for me personally.

KB:  Dating programs are becoming popular these days in Korea. When do you plan to get married?

JY: I don’t want to get married yet. If someone I love appears, I will get married.


KB: It’s 2023, what’s your New Year’s resolution for this year?

JY: “Beat Yesterday’s Me” is my new year’s resolution. There was a lot of growth last year, but I plan to live hard to grow further this year.

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