Fresh Breath is Sexy! Doc Yoo Share Tips for Beauty Teeth Like Korean Celeb

If you a fan of Korean dramas, you will be sure to wonder why too many scenes brush your teeth in each storyline. In fact, there are also questioning whether these habits are indeed happening in Korea or simply just a scene to give color for Korean drama storylines. 

Answering the question about it, John Yoo, whose one of the hot and handsome dentists in Korea, explained why it happened. In fact, John, who received the title of romantic doctor, also explained the cultural origin.

“Promoting good oral hygiene is something I do at least 30 times a day!! A beauty healthy smile is one of the first things people notice on a face. Also, fresh breath is sexy. I am glad that shows are reminding people, intentionally or not,” says John.

Continuing his responsibilities as a doctor, John who is very active as an influencer also shares natural tips to get beautiful teeth as well as a charming smile.

“Please avoid staining foods such as red wine, coffee, juices. If you do drink those, rinse with water quickly after and then wait 30 minutes to brush teeth to avoid brushing while teeth are bathed in an acidic environment,” seriously explain about it. 

Excited about sharing dental care for the patient, John, who is also known as a personal trainer, reveals the latest reliable technologies for dental care.

“As a doc, I highly recommend electric toothbrushes, and never skip flossing. it is the oldest technology but still one of the most effective tools for hygiene,” final word from John. 

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