Kryz: I’m Not One Of The LGBT- If she likes Korean Guys, It’s Her Choice or Preferences!

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  1. What do you think of Paul An AWS Korea?

Paul An is a very strong person in terms of his personality. When I see his IG, he shows a very strong vibe of himself in terms of his aura, especially his body physique. His body speaks for himself as very strong and powerful. He is also very tall and good-looking. Showing a very strong masculine look overall. Therefore, a complete package of a fitness model material look. He is a very strong competitor as well.

2. Who do you think should be eliminated?

Everyone except me.

3. Who do you think will win this competition?

Personally, I think it should be me, Kryz (Muse 1). I really want to win this competition so badly and to represent Malaysia once again after my Mister Global 2019 competition. I enjoy competing as well. I have this passion to compete and want to excel more in my modeling skills and talents. I want to show the world (the international competition) what Malaysia is all about.

4, What Malaysian guy think when Malaysian girls like Korean guys more?

I think everyone has their own preferences. Looks can be very subjective to everyone. Some girls may or may not like Korean guys. It really depends on the girls what do they like. Personally for myself, it doesn’t really matter. If she likes Korean guys or not, it’s her choice or preference.

5. What is your opinion on male models who are always judged as LGBT?

For me, I don’t really care because I know myself very well about my own sexuality. If male models out there want to be straight, bisexual, or homosexual, it’s their choice. Let them be. Everyone wants to be happy regardless. Whether male models or myself being judged as an LGBT. I just politely say I am not one of the LGBT. I am just being myself as I know my sexuality very well.

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