Prefer Be Idol, Joon Admit Korean Oppa Become More Common in Daily Makeup

Passion being a good and well-known fashion designer really strong inside of Joon soul. But, because he has good package as model, actor and idol, Joon reveal if he has choice or offer, he would love to challenge himself being in front camera. That’s the reason right now, he busies updating a video content in his Tiktok channel.

“Honestly, I prefer being an idol. It’s good to be able to express your talents and show talents freely on stage,” say Joon.

Explain about stylish Korean guys, Joon that always got misunderstood from many people about his public appearances share a real thing happen in Korea among Korean men related to earing, makeup and tattoos.

“If you can see, Earrings, makeup, and tattoos are becoming popular in Korea. Men are becoming more and more common in terms of makeup, and fashion tattoos are still more common in women,” said Joon.

To make a clear about fans that keep point finger about Idol disasters clothes, Joon who also fans of KPOP want oversea fans acknowledge what real happen to this situation involve idol, fans and designer.

“Fans keep blaming fashion designer when idol wear wrong or bad attire. Actually, the stylist will choose the clothes that an actor or an idol wear. Designers only make their own clothes, but they don’t make them for celebrities.

“There are too many established international branded but I don’t want to work with them. It is because the internationally famous Brand has already become so popular and feels so normal,” explain Joon.

Summaries all his opinion about fashion, Joon advice Kpop Style follower for being natural and don’t overdo.

“It’s good to look at the styling and Outlook that have been exposed a lot recently through media such as the Internet or TV. Research and reference,” said Joon.

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