Fitness Enthusiast Hwang Dong Hyun Shares The Connection With Sexiest Guy!  

Introduction and Dedication to Fitness

In an exclusive interview with Korea Buzz, Hwang Dong Hyun, a devoted fitness enthusiast, introduces himself as a proud Korean born in 1987. With a decade of dedicated commitment to fitness, he shares his passion for leading a healthy lifestyle.

Humble Reaction to Resemblance to Actor Choi Sung-jo

When asked about his resemblance to actor Choi Sung-jo, Hwang Dong Hyun expresses surprise, admitting that it’s the first time he has heard such a comparison. Nonetheless, he appreciates the kind words and feels honored by the observation.

The Connection with “Sexiest Guy” Lee Won

Discussing his association with Lee Won, referred to as the “Sexiest Guy,” Hwang reveals that they share a friendship through their mutual connection with CEO Um Ki-seung.

Life Motto – Embracing Positivity and Perseverance

Hwang discloses his life motto, one that revolves around the power of positivity. He believes in cherishing each moment, living life happily, and relying on perseverance as the key to overcoming challenges.

The Evolution from DAGYM to Dr. Body Gym

Having previously worked at DAGYM, Hwang now operates his fitness venture named Dr. Body Gym. He shares the transformation of his professional journey, providing insights into his dedication to the fitness industry.

Understanding MUSG&WNGP – A Fitness Competition

Hwang sheds light on MUSG and WNGP, which respectively stand for “Not Doping” and “Natural Doping.” These are significant fitness competitions in Korea, where participants showcase their natural athletic abilities.

Aspirations for a Thicker Lower Body

Reflecting on personal improvements, Hwang expresses his aspiration to build stronger thighs and enhance his lower body’s muscular strength.

The Symbolism of a Rabbit

As a person born in the year of the rabbit, Hwang identifies with the qualities of agility and gentleness that rabbits possess, finding a personal connection to this symbol.

Life Philosophy – The Pursuit of Excellence

Hwang’s philosophy centers on pushing boundaries and striving for excellence, encouraging readers to embrace their dreams relentlessly.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Gym and Personal Training

Hwang shares the advantages and challenges of being a gym owner and personal trainer. He finds fulfillment in working out with diverse individuals and closely examining his body as part of his profession. However, he acknowledges the constraints on personal time that may limit leisure activities.

Hwang Dong Hyun’s journey in the fitness world stands as an inspiration, motivating others to adopt healthier lifestyles and embrace a positive outlook on life. With his commitment to self-improvement and dedication to fitness, he continues to leave a profound impact on the fitness community.


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