The Real Sibling of BTS Members! Whose Sibling Make You Goosebumps?

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Not only a new song from BTS, RM, Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, and V fans call ARMY now a day also want to know the real family story of BTS members. In fact, some are excited to find out about the BTS siblings. 

In fact, according to a few fans, their sibling is also those who are more handsome and beautiful than BTS members. Let’s get to know the real younger brother, brother, and sister of BTS members. Who do you think has a celebrity style?

BTS Sibling Name: 

  1. Jin’s Older Brother – Kim Seok Jung. 
  2. RM’s Sister – Kim Kyung Min. 
  3. JHOPE’s Older Sister – Jung Ji Wo. 
  4. Suga’s Older Brother – Min Jun Ki.
  5. Jimin’s Younger Brother – Park Ji Hyun.
  6. V’s Younger Sister and Brother – Kim Eun Jun and Kim Jeon Gyu.
  7. Jungkook’s Older Brother – Jeon Jung Hyun.
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