Cho Kyu Sung: Be Confident Not Be Vain!

Cho Kyu-sung became Elleman. Cho Kyu Sung became the February issue of the Elle photo shoot.
While football is all that he thinks he stood in front of the camera and showed his charms in front of the camera.
The interview started with a question about what was the most surprising after the world cup. He answered like this “I am not deeply concerned or surprised by each proposal. It’s a pre-season, and as much as I have the opportunity, I’m going to enjoy what I want to do. After all, I want to do my best in soccer. I’m grateful that I can do these different things and go back to playing soccer,” he said, showing off his professionalism.
He told Elle magazine that his strengths are “sincerity as a player and being an honest human being,” he replied, adding that he thinks it’s cool to be confident but not be vain.

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