Star Creator Confirmed About TOP9 Boys Planet Debut. Here the list name!

In a few days, a popular program under Mnet, Boys Planet will end the show. Because of this, fans call the Star Creator’s headache to choose who will be the best to win this competition.

According to this show, there will be one winner and 9 trainees will debut in one new team. The team name is still in the voting period on the Boys Planet official website. Based on the reputation contestant, the confirmed name to be in the Top 9 will be Sung Han Bin.

He is very consistant and always be Top 1. Nobody can compete with him even a contestant from China, Zhang Hao who is known as his duplicator. Because of that, he also confirmed a ticket to be the winner of Boys Planet.


Han Bin’s best friend, Seo Matthew also among the name who are confirmed to be in TOP6. The reason his name is confirmed is that he is also now in the TOP 5 and already show he deserves to be TOP2. Other boys who are confirmed to be in TOP6 are Han Yu Jin and Kim Ji Woong.

These two boys are always in the TOP 5 and prove to fans there are not just talented but had the full package ask KPOP Idol. Sung Han Bin twins, Zhang Hao always already confirm his name to be in the final list base on his performances. Another fav contestant on TOP will be Kim Gyu Vin who had a big persona that make many people melt.

Keita from Japan also will be on the final list because of his extreme talent. His cute personality and talent can’t be denied anymore. Only two positions left to be in the final, and the name who deserves to be on the list with a combination of talent and popularity will be Kim Tae Rae. He became viral worldwide after singing a song from infinite with his bright smile.


Last but not least, the last candidate who deserves to be on the list will be Jay. He was the first candidate from outside Korea to make the star creator melt because of his voice. But his condition up and down because of his voting.

Follow by a gimmick of the reality program, the final will be not only 9 trainees but it will be 10. Perhaps this last contestant will be a wild card contestant. For this wild card, 5 people deserve to be in this position with their talent, package, and popularity.

The contestant is Park Han Bin, Yoon Jong Woo, Na Kamden, Lee Seung Hwan, and Yoo Seung Eon. They are talented and deserve to be in the top positions. So the final prediction from Korea Buzz will be

1. Sung Han Bin
2.Zhang Hao
3. Han Yu Jin
4. Seok Matthew
5. Kim Ji Woong
6.Kim Gyu Vin
7. Kim Tae Rae
8. Keita
9. Jay


You still have a chance to change this position by voting them on the official website.

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