Jessie Confesses Her Exact Breast size during Live TV Show!

Singer Jessie showed off her honest charm by confessing her exact breast size during the broadcast.

On Mnet’s “TMI SHOW,” which aired on the 20th April 2022, singers Jessie and Han Hae appeared as guests.

Jessie, who continued her conversation with the cast, said, “It’s too old here. In fact, I really want to tell you that I have a big B cup. This is TMI,” she said, revealing her breast size.

She added: “I really want to let people know about this. It’s not as big as I thought. Not to the extent of the D Cup. It’s about a small C cup. It’s not as bad as a watermelon,” she said, surprising the cast.

Jesse got up from his seat, approached MC Mi-Joo, took off his top, and showed the actual size of his chest size. Boom, who was next to Mi-Joo, jumped up from his seat and drew laughter, saying, “What’s wrong?” Mi-Joo, who looked closely at Jessie ‘s chest, said, “It’s my sister C, but she looks like a cup that ‘s left over.”

Boom and Hanhae were embarrassed, saying, “I can’t even fit in here,” on the sudden 19-year-old screen.

Mi-Joo then concluded, “My sister seems to be about a melon and a belly.” Jessie made everyone laugh by adding, “Or a big apple.”

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