BTS’s Jin Meets Winner’s Kang Seungyoon After Completing Military Training

Jin from the popular group BTS, who is currently serving as an assistant instructor during his military service, posted a special photo.

He met with Kang Seungyoon, a member of the group Winner, at the training camp.

On the 26th, Jin shared two photos on the fan community platform Weverse, updating fans about his current status.

The photos show Kang Seungyoon flashing a thumbs-up pose, while Jin takes a sweet selfie. Jin is seen wearing a private soldier patch on his army uniform, and Kang Seungyoon is seen wearing a lance corporal patch, capturing attention.

On this day, Jin congratulated Kang Seungyoon on his completion of training, saying, “Congratulations Seungyoon-ssi. We had a great time together for 6 weeks.” He playfully added, “He’s a cool-looking vocal of the group Winner.”

Continuing, he said, “You’ve worked hard during your recruit training, and I hope you continue to do well in your military service. sobs I suggested taking a photo together to celebrate and show it to ARMYs (BTS fandom) and Inner Circle (Winner fandom).”

Jin also shared some insights about Kang Seungyoon’s life in the training camp, saying, “Our company commander and administrative officer are really nice people, and he spent the 6 weeks well,” revealing that Kang Seungyoon did not receive any special treatment during his military life.

Earlier, Kang Seungyoon enlisted as an active-duty soldier in the Army on the 20th of last month. He entered the 5th Infantry Division Recruit Training Center in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province, where Jin is serving as an assistant instructor, and received basic military training.

Fans who witnessed the surprise meeting of the two celebrities reacted enthusiastically.

On the online community “Theqoo,” fans left comments such as, “A two-shot I never imagined,” “This is amazing,” “I can’t believe we get to see this two-shot. This is crazy,” “They both look good and seem to be doing well. I hope they have a healthy military life,” “The instructor and the trainee look heartwarming,” “They both look amazing,” and more.

Meanwhile, Jin was promoted to a private first class earlier this month, ahead of schedule. He enlisted in December of last year and was originally scheduled to be promoted to a private first class in September this year, but due to his exceptional performance, he was promoted two months earlier.

After his early promotion, Jin playfully encouraged fellow member J-Hope, who enlisted in April, saying, “If you can’t become a special warrior like me, it will be BTS’s shame. Come back as a private first class by this month,” and jokingly warned him not to make eye contact with private soldiers during his break.

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