KPOP Idol Business: Selling the Fantasies of Brotherhood & Convert Idol To LGBT?

Idol business is one of the biggest and fastest-growing businesses in Korea. In this issue, we will introduce one specific feature of the Korean idol business related to the case of fantasy.

Korean idol business concentrates on pop song business, especially producing idol-bands. Korean idol-bands consist of young and pretty same-sex members.

These young idol-band members usually dwell together in one apartment like blood brothers or blood sisters, which is basically for the entertainment company’s convenience of time managing of dealing with many young members.

However, living together like blood-brothers, shortly called brotherhoods also an important selling point in selling boy-bands to the female customers in the Korean idol business. According to the culture critic analysis, Brotherhoods essential in the Korean idol-band business because the customers want to see an “ideal community” through the pure brotherhood of idol-band members.

Once customers find their ideal community in a certain idol-band, they are willing to consume idol bands’ products to keep their ideal community.

The argument about idol-band business is “the business selling fantasies” of the ideal community. However, it does not fully explain why brotherhood is important in boy-band business far more than those of girl-band business.

In addition, the argument missed the critical fact that it is not men but women who purchase fantasies of brotherhood.

The analysis is thoroughly based on the heterosexual assumption which ignores the possibility of the involvement of homoerotic fantasies in brotherhood.

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