Netizen Sent Threatening To Hong Seok-Cheon, Want To Sue Kim Sang Hyuk!

On the 9th of March, A posted on his social media “Celebrity 씨가ㅎ욕 posted a double-walled comment on me while cheering for Hong Seok-Cheon. I will receive a lot of settlement money for insults through civil lawsuits. I think a lot of people have cursed, but if you capture and report it, we will distribute half of the alimony after winning the complaint. The popularity of celebrities. He wrote a sniper message against the general public, took out what he did well, and only released DM sent out of anger, so he was criticized by people who didn’t even know his face. Isn’t this the power trip of celebrities? “Human power abuse itself,” he said.


Earlier, Hong Seok-Cheon refused to follow the cat on social media. “I am on the verge of falling into the abyss,” he said, drawing attention by posting a long article.

Hong Seok Cheon

Hong Seok-Cheon said, “A created his cat account while talking about his relationship in Itaewon 10 years ago, and asked to follow him. When I first saw this request, I refused, but after that, I text him to see if he was angry. I will post conversations with the website here and there, and I will send me to the abyss with cat hatred, forced outing, and hypocrite who pretends to be nice by making my seniors write articles,” he said.


In response, Kim Sang-hyuk said, “Walk your life to ruin others’ lives by falsehood. Cheer up, you punk.” he left a comment.

Kim Sang Hyuk

In response, A said, “(Hong Seok-Cheon) read and ignored the message three times,” adding that he would file a complaint against Kim Sang-hyuk by capturing the conversation he had with Hong Seok-Cheon on his SNS.


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