Won Award In Korea, Shiha Zikir Would Love to Participate in Korea Music Labels!

Multitalented singer from Malaysia, Shiha Zikir create a new history in her carrier went she first time received an award from South Korea. Shiha who is busy as an actress just won The Asia Model Star.

Unfortunately on that day, she couldn’t make it that day due to her busy schedule. But she manage to send a video speech to an audience at the event held in Korea.

“Hi everyone. I’m from Malaysia, I am a singer, actress, and host. Thank you for this award. I am honored to receive this award. I would like to say thanks to Young Hong Sheek from Asia Model for organizing the community and for choosing me.

“To Rona Lee, Azuki my family, my fans, and thanks to my manager Aro who has made it impossible to receive this award. This is one of my highlights.

“So if I have the opportunity, I would love to participate in wonderful Korea record labels too. Please don’t forget to watch my latest music video IRama on YouTube. Please stay safe I love you, everyone,” said Shiha.

Meanwhile, Shiha was also just selected to become an ambassador of the new product Alana. On the launching date, Shiha also spends time with Altitude World Supermodel Malaysia Muse which is Justin Choo, Sheik, Jeeks, Joshua, and Kryz.

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