Donated Blood 116 Times, Park Jae Min Trending Become Hot Topic Because Of Beijing Olympics 2022!

Actor Park Jae-min (41), who participated as a KBS commentator for the 2022 Beijing Olympics, has become a hot topic.

According to the agency on the 4th of February, Park Jae-min was selected as a snowboard commentator at the Olympics.

Park Jae-min is an actor and professional sportsman who holds the International Ski Federation (FIS) Alpine and Halfpipe International Trial Certificate.

Born in Seoul National University, he was a full-time professor of dance arts at the Seoul National University of Arts in 2011 and served as a snowboard commentator for the KBS Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018. At that time, he drew attention with his witty talk and professional commentary.

In the same year, he was the marketing and public relations director of the Korea 3X3 Basketball Federation and the Seoul Ski Association from 2019 to 2021. This is not the end. Director of the Korea Dance Sports Federation in 2021, Vice Chairman of the Korea Dance Sports Federation Performance Improvement Committee, and Chairman of the Snowboard Referee of the Korea Ski Association.

In addition, it was reported that he donated blood 116 times recently, as well as steady briquette service, which surprised everyone. Through the play “King Lear,” which ended in December last year, he also solidified his position as an actor.

Netizens who knew this fact responded by saying, “Live a wonderful life,” “Real newborn,” “I don’t think there’s a single word of laziness,” and “All I can say is amazing.

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