OMG! The Unexpected Positive Effects of Sex Reveal By Indonesian Research Team

Studies have shown that sharing sex between men and women has a positive effect.

It was an unexpected fact that it helped release harmful substances from the body out of the body.

Korean Media, Health Chosun reported the results of a recent survey by a research team at Airang University in Indonesia. The results of the study were published in the “Journal of Sex Medicine” in May.

According to the report, the research team divided 406 people surveyed into groups that had sex three to four times a week and groups that did not have sex.

The survey found that the group that shared sex had a 5.7-fold higher natural emission rate of “kidney stones.” In addition, the degree of pain caused by kidney stones was 62% less.

In this regard, the research team said, “The contraction and relaxation of the bladder neck occurs during the orgasm and assessment.

Reference Photo By Studio AAVEC

“In the process, the probability of kidney stones escaping increases,” he said.

If stones do not escape from the ureter for more than four weeks, or if they continue to grow in size, kidney function is reduced, requiring caution. It is better to remove the risk of urinary tract infection and sepsis due to it.


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