University Students Transformed As Models For Charity Calendar To Support Children at High Risk of Skipping Meals During Winter!

Korea University students have transformed into “body-like” calendar models.

The move is aimed at reviving the stagnant school atmosphere due to the prolonged social distancing and supporting children of the vulnerable class with profits.

According to Korea University, Korea University’s Charitable Body Calendar 2022 organized by the Sports Division of the School Club Association will be introduced early next month.

About 50 people from eight sports clubs at Korea University, including rowing, swimming, basketball, judo, kendo, cycling, badminton, and weightlifting, participated as models.

The calendar production started in March this year with the concern of reviving club activities that were dampened by the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

Park Sung-geun, head of the sports division of the club association, who led the project, said in an interview with Yonhap News Agency, “I felt sorry that there were clubs that disappeared one by one because of COVID-19,” adding, “I worked together to create a charity calendar.”

Everyone raised their hands to participate as models in the idea of “killing two birds with one stone,” and eight photographers and seven makeup artists also joined the talent donation.

After “building a body” and taking pictures throughout the summer, a calendar containing 17 photos was completed. The calendar will be sold through Yes24.

The entire proceeds will be used to support meals and groceries to children at high risk of skipping meals during the winter vacation through a charity campaign called “Please Take Care of Winter” hosted by the International Relief Development NGO Hope Friend Hunger Countermeasure.

Park said, “We decided to donate with the idea of investing in future generations in the hope that there would be no children who quit their studies due to economic problems,” adding, “We ask for your attention as it is a calendar made with good intentions.”

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