4 Oppa Wait For You Live to Answer The Viral Issue of Dissatisfaction Related To Korean Man!

Every day, there are issues relating to Korean men being raised. Not just from the looks, but their physical and size anus are often talking among netizens. What is certain, the authenticity of the hot story is simply not 100% authentic. In fact, some are inaccurate and merely story-fabrication.

So, to comment and unravel everything, KBTalk gives you the opportunity to ask the issues relating to Korean men to the remaining Korean Altitude World Supermodel finalists namely Kwon Hee (MUSE 3), Misha (MUSE 4), Paul An (MUSE 6), and Young Su (MUSE 7).

All four of them will answer all your questions, both in English or Korean. What’s more, they will be together for an hour on Friday, August 27, 2021, starting at 10 p.m. South Korean time.

However, the four of them will be together at different times, Kwon Hee from 11 pm to 12 midnight. Meanwhile, Misha and Young Su will be together from 10 pm to 11 pm. For Paul, who is already here for the second time, he will start the session from 10 pm until 12 midnight. Please remember, this time follow Korean time.

Click here to meet them directly from Korea. 

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