Sleep While Looking At The Ceiling Can Improve Posture Correction!

Korean Media reports that if an adult feels comfortable sleeping with his arms above his head, it may be a sign of various physical abnormalities such as musculoskeletal disorders and blood circulation disorders.

If you feel comfortable in your hurrah posture, you should suspect “spinal hyperplasia.” Scoliosis is a physical phenomenon in which the upper body is tilted forward because the back is bent backward.


If smartphone use, lying down reading, or squatting posture is prolonged, the wrong posture is formed due to physical pressure. If you have scoliosis, you can feel more comfortable with your arms open up.

Subsequently, “chest exit syndrome” is also one of the suspicious symptoms. It is a symptom caused by the pressure of nerves and blood vessels passing through the chest outlet in the neck and chest due to various causes. In particular, the disease can be naturally expressed, but it can occur in people who work with a heavy burden on their neck and shoulders.


If you have a disease, your neck, arms, and hands start to feel numb, and you feel pain, discomfort, and heaviness. Chest exit syndrome also feels like the symptoms are temporarily improving when holding a hurrah posture. People who usually use their shoulders a lot may feel comfortable when sleeping due to musculoskeletal abnormalities.

If you ignore this and continue to sleep in a hooray posture, the nerve bundles under the collarbone can be compressed, blocking blood circulation, and snoring and sleep apnea can occur due to narrowed airways. Posture correction is essential for improvement. You should try to sleep while looking at the ceiling, and keep your waist in a comfortable state by placing pillows and towels under your knees. In the case of pillows, it is recommended to raise the neck by 2cm and the head by 6cm. If you want more accurate and safe treatment, visiting a specialist is one way.


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