Student Forced to Take On Debt After His Father Uses All His Study Money!

On the 25th of Jan, an online community posted an article titled “I’m about to drop out of college.”

Writer A, who said he entered the University of Minnesota’s College of Liberal Arts in 2017, said, “I have a year left until I graduate from college, but my father made a debt and invested in overseas futures and pulled out all the pillars of the house.”

He said, “My father hides my failure for six months and tells me to return home because I can’t pay more for my tuition. What do I eat now? Does it make sense for 800 million won of family property to fly at once?” he lamented.

“I’m 27 years old this year. I applied for a graduate school, and all the life designs I had set up in my own way have disappeared, he complained. I hope my parents don’t get divorced.”

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Mr. A said, “Foreigners are unable to borrow because they have zero credit. It’s a student visa, so I don’t think I can get a loan because I can’t get a regular job. I already have quite a lot of debt because my father took out the investment and secured it. I don’t think it’ll be possible to get more approval for loans.

Finally, “Can I live well as a high school graduate at the age of 27? Please comfort me,” he added. In order to avoid suspicion of fabrication, he also released the e-mail he received when he passed the transfer to the University of Minnesota.

Since then, the post has spread to various online communities under the title “American students who look like high school graduates overnight.”

Internet users who heard A’s story said, “It’s very unfortunate,” “Korea can use student loans, but I think it’ll be more difficult to handle because it’s the United States,” “In reality, it’ll be hard to go to school in that situation,” and “If you give up, it’s really over.” They responded by saying, “You shouldn’t drop out,” “I hope you graduate somehow,” “It’s such a waste to have a year left until graduation,” “I can’t afford to work alone,” and “Look into student loans and scholarship loans.”

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