Please Let Us Know Malaysian Kindness, Korean Jury-Lee Won Message to AWSM Champion, Justin Ho Deeply Touching!

The wait for the Korean jury, Lee Won to find out the Malaysian champion has subsided. In fact, he who cares so much about all the participants often monitors even though he is far from all the finalists.

However, he often left messages to the National Director of Malaysia and Korea, Hyunmin-A, who is considered his own brother. Here is his sincere message to the champion, Justin Ho.

Lee Won who known as Oppa Melon in Vietnam.

I sincerely sent a congratulatory message to the winner! Congratulations on winning the model championship. I hope winning this tournament will mean a lot in your future. Please let us know the beauty and kindness of Malaysia. So that people around the world can travel to Malaysia in the future! There must be a reason why professional model judges chose you as the winner, I hope you will further develop your charm and go on the model stage, show your charm to the World Model Competition in the future.

It is hoped that his order can strengthen again as much as the Malaysian champions. In addition, he also cares about the champion from Korea, Namely Paul An.

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