What’s With Love? Sun From Korea Drives Desiliaa Arizky’s Victory In Thailand

Perhaps many don’t know, that the contestant from Indonesia, Desiliaa Arizkia who won the TOP Commercial Model AWS 2022 Women category is excited to meet a Korean man. Because of this, Desiliaa is very happy to be able to talk to AWS 2022 winner Paul An during the competition which runs from May 29 to June 4 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Apart from Paul, Desiliaa is understood to be very excited to learn that another Korean contestant named Sun is also competing in the World Altitude Supermodel. When she first met Son at a restaurant designated by the organizers, Desiliaa was thrilled. In fact, Desi is said to be more interested in making friends with Son.

Thus, the very friendly Desi was not shy about posing for a picture with Sun who was then very shy and silent. Unable to deny Sun and Paul were just as handsome, Desi informed sun’s had his type of Korean man. Since the meeting, Desi was very excited to be friends with Sun who was the same age as him.

Their friendship did not break even though the AWS (Altitude World Supermodel) competition was over. It is understood that The Bangkok-based Sun also attended the final night of another competition that put Desi as the main winner. At the night, Sun was dressed in a tuxedo matching the beautiful Desi just in time by wearing the crown of victory.

From the shared picture, it seems that their friendship is getting closer. Is it possible that this meeting adds to the couple’s romance between Korean men and Indonesian women? Anyway, may this friendship continue. If there’s a soul mate, it’s not wrong for them to be united.

Congratulations Desi for winning the competition in Thailand. Who knew Desi had won Sun’s heart too?

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