Joshua: Wife Refused Sleep Together for 5 years, Should I Get A Divorce?

A man said his spouse has refused to sleep for five years and is considering divorce.

On the 5th of Dec, Money Today introduced the story of a man who confessed his concerns to lawyer Jang Yoon-Jung. Joshua (not real name), a man, was a couple for 7 years old.

Joshua and his wife have a four-year-old daughter. He is making a living from a double income. He was happy to share housework and childcare. We’ve never had a big fight.

However, Joshua was considering divorce. The reason is because of dragonflies.

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My wife refused to sleep with me for five years due to reasons such as “I’m tired from preparing for the promotion test” and “I don’t want to.” However, he said that it is not that he does not love Joshua.

Mr. Joshua said he was also questionable whether he looked like a man. Still, living without a bed for nearly five years was, “I don’t think I’m living as a real couple.”

Joshua wondered if it would be accepted if he asked for a divorce for this reason.

※ Picture has nothing to do with the content of the article. ( Photo by Naive Studio)

Lawyer Jang explained, “Even if the spouse refuses to have a marital relationship, it is difficult to admit it as a divorce in the court if the relationship between the couple cannot be considered broken down due to it.”

Just because you refused to sleep for a long time, it’s hard to get a divorce. This is because there seems to be room for improvement in relationships with each other.

The court added that similar cases did not admit divorce.

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