Admit Jade Blimey More Attractive, Dong Min Share Hijab Girl & Word Wide Handsome Jin BTS!

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Explain his experience before and after joining the program produced by Blimey, Dong Min shares his changing life in the program.

“Actually, I think I learn a lot in this program. Here 10 things I learn from the show…..

1 My behavior in a relationship (affirmative).

2 Possibilities for International Relationships.

  1. Good friends.

4 Strong mentality against rejection.

5 Malaysian culture (food, language, etc.)

6 Date Courses in Korea.

7 Self-reflection (why couldn’t i date?))

8 Good Times and Memories.

9 Process and effort to complete the program.

10 The Interest and Importance of the Relationships.


Don’t forget, Dong Min also share a big secret about the contestant including Lion. Want to know more, stay tune in the next posting article.

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