Finalist Not Respect, Elimination of 3 MUSE AWS KOREA Surprises & Very Dramatic!

After three weeks of competing for the ALTITUDE WORLD SUPERMODEL KOREA 2021 (AWS), three finalists: Roger (MUSE 1), Young Woo (MUSE 2), and Dean (MUSE 5) were named as the eliminated participants.

The announcement was made by The National Director of Korea, Hyunmin-A in the AWS Show program session held on Sunday, August 22, 2021. Although these three eliminated finalists have the highest online voting, it doesn’t mean it can save them in this competition.

The removal also made the finalists who stayed, Kwon Hee (MUSE 3), Misha (MUSE 4), Paul An (MUSE 6), and Young Su (MUSE 7) worthy to win the main title and sub titles AWS KOREA.

Most important, in the eliminated round, the judges involved such as Marini Mat Zain and Dato’ Sri Anas Abdullah was shocked. In fact, the participants were equally nervous. Here are the jury’s comments on the eliminated round.


“Indeed, the final fourth participants who stayed deserved to remain in the match. I believe that one thing, to succeed in life, there needs to be respected for others and we will move forward if we have high commitment. All the best to final four!”

Anas Abdullah

“Those knocked out are those with potential to wins. But because they are not professional and disrespectful to other participants who are willing to sacrifice, they deserve to be eliminated. They’re the ones who frustrated themselves. I was very surprised because my fav candidates like Dean and Roger were outraged because they were so big-profile to shine. But I accept this fact because they’re unprofessional. Maybe they don’t see this platform as a nice bridge not just in Korea but for the world stage. Perhaps, they don’t look big on this AWS platform. When they’re out, the other candidates remain please don’t get too comfortable but keep continue to show off their talents until they succeed. Most notably on time and being professional,”

AWS KOREA will continue until mid-September 2021 and it is likely that a Wild Card finalist will be brought in to give rivals against the remaining four Muse.

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