EVEN’ Unveils Electrifying Concept Photos — Debut Countdown Set for September 19th

Brace yourselves, K-pop enthusiasts! The sensational rookie boy group ‘EVEN’ has just dropped a bombshell of captivating visuals.

On the 1st of September, ‘Jellyfish Entertainment’ sent shockwaves across social media by unveiling ‘EVEN’s jaw-dropping second concept group photo for their highly anticipated debut mini-album, ‘Target: ME.’ And boy, did they flip the script!

In their initial concept, ‘EVEN’ showcased their youthful exuberance and undeniable charm. However, they’ve taken a 180-degree turn this time, exuding an overwhelming aura of charismatic masculinity.

The members adorned themselves in sleek, all-black suits, emanating a level of sophistication that’s bound to leave you speechless. With their dandy visuals and intense, piercing gazes, they’ve unveiled a spellbinding team aesthetic.

But that’s not all! ‘EVEN’ promises to redefine the K-pop scene with their debut album, bringing an unparalleled blend of individuality and charm to the table. As we speak, they’re sweating it out in the final stages of preparation for their momentous debut.

Mark your calendars, because ‘EVEN’ is set to drop ‘Target: ME’ on the 19th of September, 6:00 PM KST, across all major music streaming platforms. The countdown to K-pop domination has officially begun!

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