After Broke Up, Ex-Boyfriend Scandal With Father!

The story of a woman who complained of pain, saying that her biological father is the best friend of her ex-boyfriend who broke up with her, has been told.

Internet user A, who said he broke up with his ex-boyfriend two years ago, recently posted a story titled “My dad is too close to his ex-boyfriend who broke up” on the domestic online community Nate.

A said, “When I first introduced it to my parents, it was a little over a year after we met. My father hurt his ankle at that time, so I went home.”

“After eating and talking, my father and ex-boyfriend went out to get some air and didn’t come in for a long time. So I went out and my ex-boyfriend took out his car wash equipment from the trunk and wiped the bonnet of his father’s car.”

Photo sample by Studio Mood Korea

A said, “I can’t forget my father’s face when his ex-boyfriend looked at the polished car for 40 minutes. I felt like I was being sucked into a bonnet that shone on me.”

Since then, A’s father visited her ex-boyfriend first when A came home alone.

Meanwhile, the two broke up a year later due to A’s fault.

“The problem is that my father has been seeing the man for the past two years. We go back and forth between Seoul and the provinces together, but my dad likes it so much and I can’t say anything because it’s exercise,” she said.


“I think I eat meat, go to a sauna, and drink after washing, but I think I’m the only one who cares about it in my house.”

A’s father fed wild ginseng to his ex-boyfriend, not A.

A said, “In addition to wild ginseng, what I regularly send from my hometown goes to my ex-boyfriend, not me. Now, it is not good to go to your parents’ house, which has traces of your ex-boyfriend. What should I do? I’ll meet my ex-boyfriend and ask him to control himself,” she said


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