Touching Moment Of AWSM Korea Result, Here The Speech From Finalist Will Make You Cry!

As soon as the winner for the Altitude World Supermodel Korea 2021 (AWSM) sub-title was announced by the National Director, Hyunmin-A,  the sad feeling being raised from the jury and audience, especially AWSM Korea finalists.

They have been together for over a month to weather the challenges. Therefore, this separation is expected to be not the end of their careers as models.

Judging moment with Muse, Paul An.

Although they still not knowing the actual winner for AWSM Korea, it turns out that the three finalists have their own perception when receiving the sub-title on the night.

When Hyunmin A announced the most rustic supermodel title (handsome and natural), Misha said ” I am honoured and umm yes I am quite surprised but I have missed a couple of tasks due to other photoshoots but I have tried my best and I’m glad that the judges gave me this title. Thank you very much.”

For the super somatic is the title for the nice body which goes to “Kwon hee” His speech was: Uhm, Thank you. I try my best for everything. I am honored to be a somatic model and thanks for being here to celebrate this competition and thanks to all the judges. Thank you.”

For the most idolized supermodel title goes to Paul An. Paul’s said, Thank you so much. It was really hard because all my competitors also work hard even though I work hard and I really appreciated go all the judges and to all my fans and supporters. I’m really lucky to have you guys as my fans and my supporters and i am really happy tonight. Thank you.”

Actually, Paul won two award titles yesterday night. The other was The face of Anas Abdullah which means he will be the main ambassador of Anas Product and has a contract value of RM200k.

He said thank you so much when Anas announced the face of Anas. His last words to Hyunmin were really humble and very touching.

His speech goes like this: “I appreciate all your hard work and caring for us through this competition. I’m really thankful and really appreciate what you have done for us. What you have organized for us and I hope even though it is the end of the journey for now.

“We became like really close friends and I believe that’s we are already friends yeh. And I want you to know that I am really thankful for all your service to us. Thank you so much .”

This is not the final winner announcement.  The winner announcement will take place on this 30th September 2021 stay tuned in Korea Buzz. Meanwhile, for those who miss watching the Gala Night AWSM Korea Showcase, you can watch it here.

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