Straight To Gay Korean Youtuber Get Married? Here is The Interesting Fact About Them!

After making a confession of pairing up with a man as soon as he broke up with his beautiful lover, famous Korean Youtuber Park Bo Sung went viral around the world. In fact, every video and activity it updated became famous. Since then, many want to get to know more closely this glass trail. In fact, his partner also began to come to the attention of many.


Park Bosung was born on a Wednesday, April 22, 1993, in South Korea. His birth name is Park  Bosung and he is currently 28 years old. People born on June 2 fall under the zodiac sign of Gemini. His zodiac animal is Rooster. He began his Instagram account in February 2015.


Boseong Han-Joon is a popular same gender (South Korean) couple YouTuber at home and abroad, surpassing 1.36 million YouTube subscribers (based on March 4). It is a case of developing into a lover after being close friends for four years. Both have many fans at home and abroad with their warm, handsome appearance and various charms.

Park Bosung

On November 27, 2020, Minjun appeared on YouTube, starting with the Bburinkle Chicken ASMR video. Later, on December 4 same year, a video was posted under the title “Vlog of spending a vacation with a close friend,” and Boseong, a couple, appeared for the first time since the video.


In the explanation section of the video, it said it would create a YouTube account with Boseong in January, and on December 16, shortly after, “One Night, Two Days (?) Vlog in Jeju Island, which you wanted and wanted,” The couple’s YouTube account continues to Minjun’s account without creating a separate account.

Wedding photo of them

The channel name was “Posong (Boseong) Hanjun (Minjun)” and was born with Boseong’s idea. Many people often misunderstand Minjun as Hanjun, and “Posonghanjun” is the correct channel name. Fanic is “Ppozzooni.”


Park Bo-sung’s height is 180 cm. 61kg. Kim Min-Joon: Born on November 13th. He is 174cm in height and 56kg weight. Type A. Recently, they update their Instagram with wedding photos, and people were shocked again. This famous Youtuber become worldwide viral because of their admission was couple after one of them broke with a girlfriend.

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