Hello Single Person, Here 6 Bad Things When It’s Too Long to Stay Alone!

A netizen’s review of his life on his own is drawing deep sympathy.
Internet user A recently posted a post titled “Things I felt as I entered my fourth year of living alone” on the domestic online community dog drip.

In the post, A mentioned six new things he realized while living alone for years.

Sample Picture By Naive Studio

1. If you turn the washing machine and forget, something terrible happens.
2. If you don’t wash the dishes right away, you’ll be in trouble.
3. I thought minced garlic was cheap, but it was expensive.
4, Chili powder is really expensive.
5. I get surprised every time I collect my hair. I want to plant it again in my head.
6. Coupang rocket delivery is a god.

Netizens who heard the post said,
“So I shake off chili powder when I go to my parents’ house,”

“I didn’t know there would be mold in the bathroom this easily,”

“My mom and grandmother used it for no reason,”

“I just use it in China after seeing the price of domestic chili powder,”

“Hand who delayed washing and mold!”

“My parents are heroes.”


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