Girlfriend Hold Marriage Because Future In Law Wear Hiking Clothes at The 1st Meetup !

On the 11th November 2021, an article was posted on the online community Nate edition, saying, “It’s a matter of wearing clothes at the meeting.”

The author said, “We had a meeting last weekend. My father wore a suit and my mother wore a navy dress, but my boyfriend’s parents came in hiking clothes and sneakers.”

She then said, “It was noon, but he came 20 minutes later than that time. After the meeting, my parents said, ‘Isn’t hiking clothes too much?’ “I thought so, too, so I delivered it to my boyfriend and asked him to put his marriage on hold,” she said.

“Not only me but also my parents seemed to have been ignored, so I notified them to break up. My boyfriend always calls me every day, saying, “Let’s not break up,” adding, “I didn’t think of that far,” and “Where can we break up in hiking clothes?” “Am I weird?” she asked.

Photo by Pexels

In an additional post, the author said, “My boyfriend’s mother said on the phone the day before the meeting, ‘Let’s eat comfortably,’ but I didn’t expect him to dress so comfortably. My parents went to the hair salon three days ago and dry-cleaned his suit in advance. My mother also bought a dress with me, she said.

The author said, “I don’t want to see you again. “My boyfriend was driving me to a strange person, so I needed to check,” she wrote.

Netizens who saw the article on the Nate edition responded, “We don’t meet at any campsite,” “We hope to meet a better person,” and “What will you wear at the wedding if you wear hiking clothes on the day of the meeting?”

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