AWSM Korea Highlight Ends with Surprise, Many Impress by Hoon Doo’s Special Performances!

Gala Night Altitude World Supermodel Korea (AWSM) ends full of surprises. The audience who attend live in Zoom Meeting enjoys special performances by Malaysian Band, One Avenue Band, and 7Teen Band including an awesome stage by Hoon Doo. The band from Malaysia sing two-song, Eye Nose Lips from Taeyang and Leave the door open by Bruno Mars.

1st song from Hoon Doo was You Raise Me Up followed by the Malaysian song, Semalam a song by Aina Abdul. This handsome duo continues another song after getting requests from the audience. They choose a hard song from Azlan The Typewriters, Jangan Khianati Aku.

The showcase was host by singer, Cash Farhan with numerous celebrities attending including Malaysian Supermodel and actress Aleeza Kassim, Kelly OVA, and many more.

Cash Interact with One Avenue Band.

In addition to being an invited artist, Hoon Doo was also invited as jurors from Korea along with Aiden Kim, Lee Won, and Blimey. However, Blimey was unable to participate but left a special message for viewers and attendees. Blimey has been judged from the beginning because they are the fix main judges from Korea.

The jury from Hong Kong, Ed Hsieh, also did not attend but was about to choose the lucky MUSE to be a model and product ambassador for Saligia Men.

Thanyasa was the juror from Thailand while the judges from Malaysia were Marini Mat Zin, Emel Ismail, and Dato’ Sri Anas Abdullah.

Highlights of the AWSM contest When Anas commented to Paul, he said that he is speechless to see that he has delivered all the tasks yet Paul had surprised Anas every week.

1st time OAB sang Korean songs live.

He also said that Paul has a bright future ahead. Paul had mentioned that being punctual and communicating is important to be the model. When Hyunmin- A the national director asked one of the audience, Yana Hussein works as a stylist for Malaysian celebrities such as Shila Amzah.

His question is As a stylist what is your opinion of the three contestants? She answered

” Paul is handsome today because you are wearing the traditional attire from Malaysia,  you look very very handsome tonight. In my point of view when I see the three contestants my general opinion is that I am more focused on Misha. Misha has an appearance like a versatile appearance.

“Paul is very good looking and very polite but in the character, I like Misha because Misha has a look like a very talented and has an X factor. Misha is very mysterious.

“When I saw Kwonhee’s video for the first time today. He has a good look to be a model. She said, “Today i am impressed to see Kwon Hee for the first time.”

Full announcement for the winner AWSM Korea will be made by 30th September 2021. The winner will be the cover for the Korea Buzz October 2021  edition. You can watch the program in Korea Buzz Facebook now.

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