Hugging Women Significantly Reduces Stress but how about Hug Men?

Studies have shown that hugging women significantly reduces stress. Interestingly, in this case, there was no effect on men.

CNN in the U.S. said on the 23rd (local time) that men and women showed opposite patterns, sharing the results of an experiment by a research team at a university in Germany regarding the stress-reduction effect of hugging.



Hugs help women face stress, a study says. Men, you are out of luck
When facing something daunting, you might turn to a loved one for a hug. It’s not just a gesture of support — it actually can help lower the cost

Recently, a research team at the University of Bochum Ruhr in Germany conducted an experiment to find out the stress-reducing effect of hugging 76 (38 couples) in relationships.

The research team allowed 19 couples, half of them, to hug each other and the other half not to hug each other.

Since then, all couples have been allowed to soak one hand in an ice water bath for three minutes while looking at the camera. This is to see how hugging before a stress-causing situation affects stress.

The research team measured various stress indicators such as cortisol levels in their saliva. Cortisol is a hormone released under stress.

As a result, women who hugged their lovers prior to stress had lower levels of cortisol than women who did not. It’s less stressful. However, the research team said that this effect did not appear at all in men.

Julian Packheiser, a researcher at the Netherlands Institute of Neuroscience, estimated that men may have social reasons for the lack of stress indicators.

“Many men may have felt bad because they perceived hugging as unusual or awkward,” he explained. And he added that there may be biological differences in men’s and women’s sense of contact.

The research team said that this study suggests that if a woman feels stressed ahead of a test, interview, or presentation, she can reduce stress by hugging her lover. In addition, numerous studies related to hugging show that hugging is very good not only for reducing stress but also for improving immunity.

Humans have encouraged hugs by setting anniversaries even before scientifically identifying the effects of hugs.

Free Hug Korea, a group of people who hug, has been campaigning for free hugs since October 2006 by designating the 11th of every month as “Hug Day.” Since then, it has been argued to move Hug Day to the 14th, which has many anniversaries every month, such as Valentine’s Day and White Day. It was set for December 14 to share warmth with warm hugs in the cold winter.

Hug Day in the United States is January 21. The United States also celebrates February 12th, Valentine’s Day. International Free Hug Day is the first Saturday in July.


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