Dating More Than 5 Years, Hwan Chan Sung Future Wife 41 Years Old!

While singer and actor Hwang Chan-sung became the first married man in 2 PM by announcing the news of marriage and premarital pregnancy, Hwang Chan-sung’s bride-to-be is known to be eight years older.

Hwang Chan-sung directly announced his marriage and pregnancy through SNS last month. Hwang Chan-sung said, “There is a person who has been dating for a long time. I’ve become a haven for my unstable mind for a long time, a friend and lover who can talk about anything, he said.

“While preparing and planning to marry this person after being discharged from the military, I blessed my new life earlier than expected, and I’m thinking of getting married as early as next year.”

Hwang Chan-sung was cautious about the bride-to-be at the time, saying, “I ask for your understanding that the person who will be my spouse on the way to a family is not a person with the same job as me now.”

Cheering and surprise were mixed at the news of Hwang Chan-sung’s sudden marriage and pregnancy. Later on the 25th of Jan, Hwang Chan-sung’s bride-to-be was known to be eight years older, surprising fans once again.

SPOTVNEWS reported that Hwang Chan-sung’s bride-to-be is 8 years older. Hwang Chan-sung was born in 1990, so the bride-to-be was 41 years old. According to reports, the two were dating for more than five years and were blessed with being 2 years old, and after a cautious period, they quickly announced to fans. Hwang Chan-sung’s sudden announcement of marriage makes sense.

After the report came out, JYP Entertainment said, “The exclusive contract with Chanseong expired on the 24th,” adding, “It is difficult to grasp because it is personal.”

Meanwhile, Hwang Chan-sung takes on a new challenge after the expiration of his exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment for 15 years. Hwang Chan-sung announced the failure to renew his contract and said,

“Above all, I made a decision by communicating with my future first, and the company will gladly pray for a bright future.” I will always support each other’s development with companies like my roots and old friends, he said. “There is no exact direction yet, but I will also convey plans that fans will not worry about.”

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