With Horny captions, Hyuna Reveals Semi Naked Dancing Video With Dwan In IG

Controversy and sexy KPOP couple, HyunA and Dawn, make a shocking feed in their Instagram by posting a shocking underwear photoshoot with the main impression “I can’t see it”

Previously, people know this couple was a model for the famous international underwear brand. But this time, singer Hyun-ah and Dawn revealed the scene of a photoshoot for an unconventional underwear photoshoot.

Hyun-ah said, “I can’t see it. It’s cool to work hard. I posted several photos and videos with the words “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

The photos and videos released show Hyun-ah and Dawn wearing underwear and dancing and posing at the set. Their slim bodies attract attention.

Meanwhile, Hyun-ah and Dawn have been dating publicly since 2016, and Hyun-ah announced a comeback on the 28th.

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