Burn Your Curiosity With Putra Paul Tonight 10 PM (KST) ! He Will Entertains You Sincerely Here!

The finalist Altitude World Supermodel, which is now comfortable with the Malay name given by fans during KBTalk session, Paul An or now Putra Paul is back to chat online (Chat) tonight starting at 10pm Korean time until 11pm.

Most interestingly, Putra Paul who participated in the KBTalk session for 4 consecutive weeks was very grateful for the Malay name given as it had an incredible impact. Therefore, at tonight’s session, Paul will be revealing more secrets not only about himself but about the Korea you want to know.

The session will last for an hour or more, where you can only chat with Paul in the Group Chat column entitled Chillex Putra Paul. For those who have never joined this column, simply click on the KBTalk link and then find the two-person icon and send the group messages and questions.

You are not allowed to send messages privately to Paul which such messages will not be entertained. For tonight’s edition, you’re free to ask what things Paul’s like last week. But if your questions and questions are creative and interesting, they will be featured on Korea Buzz.

Don’t forget your appointment with Paul tonight (Friday, Sept 10) from 10pm to 11pm. Click here to join it.

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