Become The Number One Guest On Various Shows, Junho’s Awkward Answer To His Ideal Type Question!

2 PM’s Junho has become the number one guest on various shows. What’s his ideal type that surprised fans?
There are still many people who have not been able to get out of the drama “Red Tip of Clothing Sleeves,” which was the most popular drama in 2021.

“The Red Sleeves” was the first return work since Junho, who plays the main character “Lee San,” was discharged from the military, and was evaluated for successfully opening his second heyday.

Following 2 PM’s “My House” syndrome, Junho, who caused the “Our Palace” syndrome with “The Red Sleeves,” is by far the number one cast in various broadcasts.

In addition, Junho’s ideal type, in reality, is also drawing keen attention from the public. In an interview with a media outlet, Junho described his ideal type as a “woman who uses a stepfather.”

He added the reason, “I’ve seen my frugal mother write an account book since I was young, so I’m an ideal type of person who writes an account book.”

He also said that it is good for people who have that will because they cannot write a household account book without the most grit.

On the 26th of January, Junho appeared on the entertainment show “Radio Star” with the cast of “The Red Sleeve” and released various behind-the-scenes of the drama filming, drawing attention from fans.

The scene that made headlines was the bath scene of the main character “Lee San.”

Junho confessed that he had been groomed for a year to completely digest his upper body exposed body in that area.

He also revealed behind-the-scenes stories about the merger of “Lee San” and “Successful Fan,” which were the same as the drama’s climax.

Originally, the combination scene of the two almost became a “golden 19” scene, but the director, who wanted to keep the excitement of the main characters longer, revised the scene just before the shoot, completing the current famous scene.

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